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If you meet the eligibility requirements of a regular full-time employee of Living Branches, you are then able to participate in the benefits program. You have the option to enroll yourself and/or your eligible dependents in Living Branches’ benefits program.


Your eligibility will begin on the first of the month, following your 60th day of employment.

If you do not enroll within 30 days of your initial eligibility period, you will not have an opportunity to do so until the next open enrollment period.


Eligible dependents include: (1) Your legal spouse; and (2) Your children up to age 26. Only those dependents who meet the eligibility requirements can enroll for coverage.


With our medical plan you can access care in-network or out-of-network. We recommend accessing in-network care whenever possible, as it will be less expensive. The medical plan is administered by Meritain using the Aetna network.

Your prescription drug plan is administered by SmithRx and is included for employees enrolled in a medical plan.



A Health Savings Account (HSA) combines high deductible health insurance with a tax-favored savings account. Money in the savings account can help pay the deductible. And money left in the savings account earns interest and is yours to keep.

For 2023 you can contribute up to $3,850 if you enroll as a single in the medical plan, or up to $7,750 if you enroll as a family. Additionally, if you are age 55 or older, you are eligible to make a catch-up contribution of $1,000.

Your HSA provider is HealthEquity: | 1-866-346-5800

These amounts include Living Branches' contribution. You may elect to change your contribution amount at any time throughout the year!

If you enroll in the High Deductible Plan and contribute at least $15 per pay to your Health Savings Account, Living Branches will also give you $15 per pay. That’s $390 of FREE money!


HEALTH CARE FSA – Available with the Copay Plan
A health care FSA lets you save taxes on money you spend for certain health care expenses. You can use your health care FSA to pay for eligible health care expenses such as co-payments or items not covered by any other plan.

The amount you choose to contribute to your health care FSA is deducted on a before-tax basis from each paycheck and set aside in your account. When you incur an eligible health care expense, submit a claim and the money is reimbursed to you tax-free. There is an annual maximum election of $2,500 for the health care FSA. You can rollover up to $500 of unused funds into the following year.

FSA Overview
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Your FSA provider is HealthEquity: | 1-866-346-5800

DEPENDENT CARE FSA – Available with Both Plans
A dependent care FSA lets you save taxes on money you spend for certain dependent care expenses. You can use your dependent care FSA to pay eligible expenses for the care of a child under the age of 13 (or a disabled dependent of any age) while you work. The amount you choose to contribute to your dependent care FSA is deducted in equal amounts from each paycheck and set aside in your account. When you incur an eligible expense, you can submit a claim and the money is reimbursed to you, tax-free.

Unlike the health care FSA, the dependent care FSA only allows you to be reimbursed up to the balance in your account at the time the claim is submitted. However, you can submit claims at any time. There is an annual maximum election of $5,000 for the dependent care FSA.



This optional benefit is available if you want a little extra protection for those pearly whites.

The Dental plans are administered by Guardian.



Do you or your family wear glasses or contacts? This optional benefit may help you.

The vision plan is administered by Guardian through the VSP network. The benefits are available to you once every 12 months, except for frames which are available once every 24 months.



We care about your future plans and are happy to be able to offer a matching 401(k) retirement program of up to 7% of your base pay. Read on below for more information.

With our 401(k) plan, there is a three-part contribution:

  1. There is a dollar for dollar employer match up to 2% of an employee’s wages. This will be contributed every pay and is fully vested right away. So if an employee is able to save even 2% of their wages, they will get another 2% from Living Branches. Even if someone has to leave our employment, the vesting means they will get this money. Eligibility for the employer match begins after 1 year of service, and at least 1,000 hours worked during that year of service.

  2. The second part is an elective contribution of 2%. This is elective and depends upon the financial status of the organization at the end of the plan year, but it is our intention to be able to fund this. This portion follows a vesting schedule.

  3. The third part, a Safe Harbor Contribution, has the potential of another 3%. This is also an elective contribution, but one that is fully intended to be given by the company. This is also fully vested right away.

Combined, that is an up to 7% employer contribution. Visit your Benefits Highlights for more information!


We care about your well-being and want you to take time for yourself. Please review the paid personal leave details below to learn how you can take paid time away from work.


All regular full-time employees are eligible for PPL. Regular part-time employees working at least 37.5 hours per pay period are eligible for pro-rated PPL based on their regular schedule. If you are a flexible part-time employee, temporary employee, part of the float pool or seasonal staff, you are not eligible for PPL. Accruals are based upon hours worked up to 2,080 hours per year (80 hours per pay period) excluding overtime.

Review the accrual schedule below for more details.


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